The Quarter Life Crisis

That awkward phase in life… the quarter-life crisis. 

It’s time to address the elephant in the room… there is such thing as a quarter life crisis (right?) there has to be. You know when you’re at that stage in life when you think “ok so what now?”


Today in this blog I’m going to talk about my quarter life crisis and some tips for overcoming this awkward phase in life. It may be a long one, so grab a cup of tea!

I’m 22 years old as you might know if you read my other posts (if not hello I’m Becka glad to have you here) I graduated from secondary school or high school quite young, 17 years old in fact. Although this can be normal in Ireland.

From school,  at 17 years old, I went STRAIGHT to college for five years. I didn’t even know what I wanted to do in college, I applied for anything and everything and took whatever was offered to me. I wasn’t a model school student, so I didn’t have much choice, unfortunately. I also chopped and changed courses for the first few weeks.

I got a level 8 honours degree in management which took four years and continued for an extra year and graduated with a master’s degree in business this year!


Throughout college I worked part-time in a restaurant where I made good friends and had extra money for college and the weekend… so here I am with my degrees and still working in my part-time minimum wage job… why? I don’t know…

I’m having a quarter-life crisis… what do I do now? What jobs will I apply for? Will I be able for the jobs I apply for? Will I travel… will I ever have money to travel?

I feel that it’s very common for people to leave college and feel like this… that awkward phase where you think “ok well what now?”

I’m trying to make a plan, I want to travel although money may be an issue… I’m happy in my part-time job although I know I’m better than that!

So, my tips to try and help overcome this phase 

1.         Don’t stress (I say as I’m stressing) it’ll work out!

2.         Be confident, you EARNED that degree

3.         Don’t rush yourself

4.         NEVER EVER compare yourself to others.

a change

I mean, I’ll post when I overcome this myself… for now I’m going to go and take my own advice! Just know, if you are feeling the same or felt the same… you’re not alone.

If you have experienced this, please drop me a comment or direct message on Twitter with how you overcame this feeling.

Thanks for reading,

Becka xx 

@lifeofbecka (twitter)


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