22 things I learned in 22 years

Hello everyone ๐Ÿ˜Š

Today I am sharing life experience.. kind of.. basically it’s the blog post you’ve probably saw done 100 times but it is still oddly addictive to read.

Anyway, here are the 22 things I’ve learned during 22 years of life!


1. Do things that scare you

This is so important, every day you should do something that scares you.. scared to wear your hair a certain way? Spend money on that particular item.. just do it!

2. Make lists

This is what I love to do… I love to make lists, I make lists about making lists.. keep yourself organised and plan your days to ensure you get the most out of your days!

3. Be the change you want to see in the world

Basically, it’s important to set an example. If you want to tackle climate change (go you) lead by example and preach to people about it, educate people!

4. Take pictures and save tickets for memories

Have a memory box! Put everything in that memory box, concert tickets, cinema tickets, entrance tickets to attractions and boarding passes! Save it allll.. or make a scrapbook! I feel like this is something I could do a whole blog post on

5. Treasure your family and friends

You only got one family, treasure them. Also, your friends are your biggest supporters they will be with you during every life experience, every silly mistake!

6. Your group of friends may change throughout your life and that’s ok

I wasn’t that girl in secondary school who had the same group of friends from start to finish, as you grow up and mature the group of people you associate with changes. This is fine but it’s just important to remember to surround yourself with positive people at all times.

7. Work hard now for your future self

Work hard now in school, college and work for your future self to benefit! You will thank yourself and be proud of your journey in the long run!

8. Embrace your inner child.

Always.. nothing more needed to be said here… what would 7-year-old Becka do? (probably crack on with some colouring.. sounds good)

9. Money will come and go

What is important to remember is that money is materialistic and comes and goes. Treat yourself, buy that palette, book that holiday!

treat yo self

10. Be silly

Don’t take yourself and life too seriously. You might get stressed and you don’t want that… ๐Ÿ˜Š

11. Stop caring about what others think

Honestly, why should somebody else’s opinion bother you? The only opinion that effects you is your own! Make sure your opinion on yourself is always positive…you only live once (excuse the overused phrase of yolo) but why should you live your life worrying about other peoples opinions? it’s irrelevant…YOU DO YOU

aint nobody

12. It’s ok not to be ok

This is so important, it’s ok to feel down. Remember to talk to others and remember to check in on all your friends too

13. Surround yourself with the kind of people you want to become

I touched on this before but I think it’s so true. Your friends impact on your life, you take interest in what they live and they do the same. It’s easy to get led down the wrong path because of the people you spend time with and it happened to me in secondary school.

14. Make goals for yourself

Even if they are daily goals, monthly goals, two year goals or five year goals! It’s important to have something to work towards even if the path to that goal is unclear. It’s about the journey.

15. Believe in your self..ie

Believe in yourself! When I was in secondary school I had a teacher laugh at me when I mentioned that I wanted to go to college, again I could do a whole post on this. You are capable of anything and there is many paths to every destination so you can do it!!!! And also, believe in your selfie๐Ÿคฉ

16. Always write back, text back, reply!

Always give people your time, it’s nice to be nice and if someone took the time to text you, write to you or talk to you…you need to take the time to reply.

17. Travel Responsibly

This is related to what I learned throughout college. It’s very important and something I would love to do a blog post about. Basically, when you travel, don’t litter or cause disruption. Buy local crafts shop local and avoid the huge companies. Support local and try to impact the local economy you are visiting rather than a huge corporation.

18. Shop local

This relates to my last post. Shop in local shops, support friends businesses. If your friend has a business don’t ask for freebies you should be supporting their business by using word of mouth and telling people about it as well as buying things from them. Coming up to Christmas this is important, buy gifts off Etsy for rather than big companies. (by the way, if anyone has any Etsy shops please send me your links)

19. Read, read and read more

Read books and educate yourself.. open your mind… broaden your horizons and get lost in a great book (book recommendations ALWAYS welcome)

20. Every day is a school day

You learn something new every day. Embrace this.

21. Be understanding

If someone’s opinions or views aren’t the same as your own, that’s ok! Be understanding listen to their opinion.

22. Be bold!!!!!

I don’t mean go and rob a bank, I refer to get that haircut.. what to get a fringe? Do it! Always be bold!

Well folks, there you have it! If you made it to the end.. thank you and well done, here is your Blue Peter badge.

What are the most valuable lesson you’ve learned throughout your life? Let me know.

Also if you would like me to expand on any of these points I would be happy to just let me know.

Thanks for reading.

Becka xx ๐Ÿ˜˜


7 thoughts on “22 things I learned in 22 years

  1. These are great lessons learned! One of the biggest things Iโ€™ve learned (and am still learning) is the importance of self care. Thanks for sharing!

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